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Coping With Post-Holiday Blues

Post-holiday blues are very common and impact many of us. I start to feel it when I notice all the wonderfully lit houses that have been brightening up the neighborhood stop turning on those beautiful lights. The lead up to the holidays can be filled with much excitement, stress, highs and lows, and anticipation and expectations for a wonderful holiday. Unfortunately, many of the experiences of the holidays can be cause for not just holiday bliss, but also letdown, fatigue, stress, and depression. If you are experiencing any of these post-holiday blues you are not alone. Many things may cause this experience; it may be that you had difficult interactions with family members, the reality of the holiday may not have met your expectations, Santa didn't bring you what you wanted!, or just the feeling of hitting a brick wall at 120 miles an hour (meaning the shopping, shopping, and more shopping, getting everything ready, cooking, baking, cleaning, and then BAM it's over) feeling.

It's time to take a deep breath and process some of the feelings you're having. Take some well needed time for yourself now, get a good night's sleep, get back to exercising and your daily routines, and set some short-term goals for yourself. Winter can be a sluggish season, and the weather definitely impacts our mood. Make sure you get out and get fresh air even if it's cold out there! We need sunlight and Vitamin D, these are so important to our health, both physical and mental health. Make plans to get together with friends, or call your closest friend to talk. They are likely feeling some of the post-holiday blues and fatigue as well. You can come up with a game plan together to combat these feelings. If you are feeling like you cannot combat the blues or stress alone reach out to a mental health professional.

All The Best for a Happy and Healthy New Year,

Kendra Haluska, Psy. D.

Licensed Psychologist

460 Bloomfield Ave. Suite 307

Montclair, NJ 07042


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