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Winter Activities for Kids

Happy Wednesday Everyone! By now most of us are wishing winter to be over, myself included. Not necessarily because it's freezing out (okay, a little) but because as a parent of a young, active little boy I am looking forward to being able to get back outside and letting him expend all that energy! How many more arts and crafts projects can he endure on the weekends? The dog has been eating the little pieces of our crafts that drop to the floor, soon she's going to start to color the lawn with sequins and glitter glue. How many more bouncy, jumpy, germy places can Mommy endure? I'm always trying to come up with creative ideas to keep him busy, as I'm sure many of you parents (and adults!) are too. My son had a wonderful idea the other day to get graham crackers and make smores! That will be one of my projects this coming weekend as we will all be getting snowed in. I love working with families and parents and strategizing on how to address a myriad of issues, so this time I'm asking you all for your expertise and creative ideas! I would love to hear how you plan on keeping your children busy during this last leg of winter. Leave your ideas in the Comment Box. Looking forward to hearing them!! We'll all thank you:)


Dr. Kendra Haluska

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