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A Guided Journey to a More Peaceful Life....

Life can be difficult and emotionally painful at times. Seeking help for yourself or your child is an important first step to unraveling the stress that has brought you here. As a seasoned psychologist, I'm here to guide you and/or your child through this difficult time. Through the therapy process you will begin to understand yourself and the emotional stressors which caused the overwhelming distress you feel. You deserve to feel better and more like your authentic self. Lets start today!

I provide a compassionate, emotionally safe, and non-judgmental space for you and/or your child/teenager to explore the difficulties that you are facing. I work with all ages, but specialize in working within the following areas: mood and anxiety disorders, maternal mental health, children and teens. I truly honor the special relationship I have with families, and the trust that is at the core of that relationship. My main goal is to ensure that my clients feel safe, at ease, respected, and understood, so that they can begin to resolve the problems causing them distress. I am happy to provide a free initial 20 minute phone consultation to begin this process. Please contact me at

(201)-777-3992, I look forward to hearing from you.

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